About IIMM

About IIMM

Indian Institute of Materials Management is the only Indian Professional body representing professionals from Procurement. IIMM represents a wide spectrum of professionals engaged in various facets of materials management, responsible for planning, sourcing, control, and distribution of materials and services. IIMM, through its wide network of 52 branches and 19 chapters spread over the length and breadth of the country, and with a membership of over 10000, is dedicated to the profession of materials management through its multifarious activities including various Education Courses, Executive Development Programs, Seminars, Workshops, In-house Training Programs, Consultancy Services, etc. Indian Institute of Materials Management is the only Indian Professional body representing professionals from Procurement, Materials, Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management. The member body consists of professionals from Private and Public Sector organizations, Armed Forces and Academia. IIMM is affiliated to International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM), UK.

Our Mission

To promote professional excellence in Materials Management towards National prosperity sustainable development. 

Vision & Value

  1. To secure a wider recognition and promote the importance of management movement and specially materials management in all spheres and fields and in all types of institution, companies, undertakings in India and abroad.
  2. To safeguard and elevate the professional status of, and to bring into association and friendly relationships amongst those engaged management and specially material management.
  3. To improve the general and professional knowledge of management by stimulating thoughts and to put in efforts in securing and disseminating information regarding management practice including that of procurement, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, EDI, disposal functions etc, by organising lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibition, factory visits, library research, consultancy, publication, editing, prizes and awards etc. to avail of any other facilities towards these objectives.
  4. To formulate curriculum of study and training of our own association with other institution/universities and to be a franchise agency to conduct courses of other institution and to sponsor courses and examinations to award certificates, diplomas, prizes and awards etc. with a view of developing professional caliber of person.


IIMM's Objective

To secure a wider recognition of and promote the importance of efficient materials management in commercial and industrial undertakings.

To safe guard and elevate the professional status of individuals engaged in materials management faculty.

To constantly impart advanced professional knowledge and thus improve the skill of the person engaged in the materials management function.

Propagate and promote among the members strict adherence to IIMM code and ethics.

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